We have recently completed a review of the ‘early Willingales’ in our main tree and have made several changes to our data. The main Willingale tree now starts with Richard Willingale and Thomasine who were living in Rawreth, Essex in the early 1600s.
We had previously supposed Richard to be the son of Thomas Willingale & Ellan Milborne who married in Great Dunmow in 1563. Thomas & Ellan’s children were all christened at St Mary the Virgin, and since studying the images of the church register, which is available on SEAX, we are now certain that Richard was not one of their children.
As Thomas & Ellen are no longer connected to Richard who is now the starting point for the main tree we have moved them and their known children over to the unconnected tree. This has also made it necessary to move several other early Willingales to the unconnected tree as they too are no longer linked to anyone in the main tree.
We are constantly working to link all Willingales together and hope to eventually have everyone in the main Willingale tree.