During our researching we have found some very interesting things, including this snippet, which appeared in The Miami News, along with quite a few other news publications in July 1955

London, July 19 – Ronnie Hill, a 31-yearold clerk jilted by his fiancee, paced endlessly to and fro outside her home today. “I’ll keep walking until she changes her mind,” he declared.
He started his marathon at 10:15 am yesterday – 16 paces one way and16 the other, smoking all the time.
Ronnie said he and Sally, 21, were to marry July 20 but she broke it off last week.
I’ve loved her since she was 14 and I’ll go on walking until 1 drop,” said Ronnie.
Some of the neighbours brought him tea and buns, but Sally wasn’t forthcoming. Her father said she was sick.
“I think he’s being silly,” Mr. Willingale commented. “He ought to learn to take it on the chin.”

Unfortunately we have not been able to identify SallyWillingale in our family tree!