CommunityForce is a new initiative from Nat West that works with local communities to support people, projects and charities.

One of the projects which could benefit from this scheme is Lopping Hall in Loughton. Lopping Hall was opened in 1884 to a design by local architect Edmond Egan, and is one of the most important public buildings in Loughton. It was paid for by the Corporation of London to compensate Loughton villagers for the loss of traditional rights to lop wood in Epping Forest, rights which were bought out when the management of the forest was taken over by the Corporation in 1878. The Willingale connection with this important building is Thomas Willingale, who was one of the most ardent supporters of Lopping. One of the rooms in the hall is called the Willingale Room and the hall contains a carved plaque in memory of Thomas.

Lopping Hall is now somewhat run down and in need of renovation. If successful in obtaining a CommunityForce award, funds would be used to renovate the front entrance of the building.

You can vote for Lopping Hall (or more correctly The Lopping Endowment, the charity which was set up in 1881 for the purpose of maintaining the hall) by following this link to the The Lopping Endowment page on the CommunityForce website.