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We now have Steve’s DNA test back from the lab. His results are a close match to those already received from the Thomas, John, William and Samuel branches of the family.

We are pleased to announce we have our 9th member of the Willingale DNA Project. Steve Willingale from Australia is our latest tester and we hope to have his DNA results back early in the New Year.

After a 4 month wait due to our DNA testing company ceasing trading, we now have Martin’s DNA results back. Martin’s DNA matches the ‘Willingale’ DNA profile and provides confirmation that the ‘Thomas’ branch of the family is related to the ‘John’, ‘William’ and ‘Samuel’ branches. The latest results can be seen here, WFS members […]

We are pleased to announce that another Willingale has agreed to join the DNA Surname Project. Martin is from the ‘Thomas’ branch of the Family and we should have his results back within the next couple of months.

Our latest DNA Tester is John who is from the problematic Charles branch. We have now tested 3 people from this branch and none have DNA which matches the DNA profile of Steven, Peter & Owen, who we have now confirmed are related via conventional genealogical methods.

The latest DNA results have provided conclusive proof that the ‘unconnected’ Samuel branch of the Willingale family does link somewhere into the main connected family tree. Owen, who is from the main connected John branch of the family has just 2 DNA markers different to Peter, who comes from the unconnected Samuel branch. Both Owen […]

We received Thomas’s DNA test results back yesterday. These we supposed to confirm if the Charles Willingale branch was distinct from the other Willingale branches; William our original tester from this branch has very different DNA to mine & Peter’s DNA. We therefore needed Thomas’s DNA to confirm if Williams DNA difference was the result […]

We are pleased that another Willingale has agreed to join the DNA Surname Project. Owen Willingale, who is a descendant of Thomas the Lopper, is from the ‘John’ branch of the main Willingale family tree. Hopefully we should have his results back in a couple of months. We are expecting the DNA results of another […]