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We occasionally get asked about the Willingale Coat of Arms/Family Crest.

Historically, armorial bearings were first used by feudal lords and knights in the mid-12th century on battlefields as a way to identify allied from enemy soldiers, later arms were adopted by other social classes such as the clergy and later still by peasants and commoners.

Another early Willingale is mentioned in the Patent Rolls of 1331: Confirmation, in mortmain, of a grant by John, late bishop of Bath and Wells, to Nicholas de Wyllinghale of Leukenore, as rector of the church of St. Mary, Wauton, of a grove in that town called ‘Holmengrove’, part of the bishop’s demesne land, with […]

In addition to the early Willingale’s listed int he last blog we have located some other references to early Willingales: Records held at the Shakespeare Centre Library and Archive, mention a ‘Thomas son and heir of John Wyllinghale’, during the reign of Henry VIII, this indenture also refers to the places Berkeswelle, Canleye and Hurst. […]

Another history of the name states it originated from the Village of Willingale, which is located in Essex, between Ongar and Chelmsford. The ancient surname of Willingale was of the locational group of surnames from ‘Willingale Doe’ and ‘Willingale Spain’ the name of two places in the County of Essex. The name was derived from […]

We often get asked about the history of the Willingale name, yet it is something we have done little research on. One commercially produced history of the name is as follows The origin of this name is medieval German, the derivation being either Villinger, a name found recorded heraldically from the former province of Winter […]