The Lopping Times is the Journal of the Willingale Family Society, and is one of the benefits of membership. The following is an index of the articles that have so far appeared in the journal:

The Journal is published twice a year, in June & December and averages around 18 pages

1st Edition

Origins of the WFS

New Family Members

The Spread Eagle

Thomas Willingale

Lopping Family Tree

Willingale and Loughton

Lopping & Enclosures

2nd Edition

The Condensed History of Epping Forest and the Willingale family

Where did we originate

Thomas Willingale

The Steam Ship Willingale

St Mary’s, Maldon

Thomas Willingale & Annie Bulbrook

WFS Committee Meeting

Lopping & Enclosures part 2

3rd Edition

St Marys Church,


2002 Electoral Register

Annie Atkins Bulbrook

Thomas Willingale—Watercolour Artist

Edward Everard

Willingale v Maitland

Sydney George Willingale

4th Edition

Researching Family History – The Census

Mary Willingale

Willingale imprisoned in the Tower of London

Charles Willingale – convict

Willingale Restaurant

Summary of the 2003AGM

5th Edition

Thomas Willinagle Plaque

London Cabmen

William Pince Publishers – A Genealogy Scam?

A Rowing Boat Called Willingale


Tower of London Willingales

6th Edition

Liverpool Street War Memorial

The Will of John Willingale – 1614

Robert Willingale Customs Officer

Queen Victoria Epping Forest Medal

Tracing our Ancestors

George Miles & The Octagon, St Marys Church, Maldon

7th Edition

John Willingale, redcoat

John White & Barbara Willingale

Willingale causes of death

Tower Hamlets Cemetery MIs

Charles Willingale & Ethelinda

N. Y. Times snippets

The Willingale white patch

Frederick T Willingale medallion

Trafalgar bicentenary peal of bells

Mittagong Farm Home

8th Edition

Charles Willingale convict – update

Elizabeth Willingall

Tothill Fields Prison

WFS Meeting July 2005—report of proceedings

Emily Goddard La Hogue


Snippets from The Times newspaper

9th Edtion

Joseph Wolf

Hugh E Willingale – Farm Home for boys at Mittagong

Hugh’s Army career

Arthur Edward Willingale

Charles Willingale

Radio Interview – Tea at Three

Doris Willingale

RAF Chipping Ongar (aka RAF Willingale)

Cecilia Mary Willingale

10th Edition

Mary Willingale Frewer

Victor Henry


Ann Willingale

Australian graves

Phyllis Willingsgale

George Willingale of Howlong, NSW, Australia

Ken Willingale

11th Edition

John Henry Willingale

John Robert or John Henry ?

Death/Inquest of John Robert

Three Willingale Children

The Blowers Connection

Tree of Samuel Willingale and

Elizabeth Marston

Tree of Samuel Willingale and

Harriot Braxton


Ken Willingale wins silver

Message to WFS members

Willingale Statistics

12th Edition

Sidney John Willingale

Great Ormond Street Hospital

Mary A. Willinsgale

U.S. Naturalization Applications

Private W. Willingale

Birth Record of Mary Willingale

The South African Willingales

John Willingale—an update

Some Willingale Statistics

Who was Marjory Willingale?

More Willingale Statistics

13th Edition

Willingale Honours

Carter Brown

Peculiar Divorce Case

Inherited Weaknesses

Marie Louisa Willingale

Charles Willingale & Susan

A Message from Steven


Walter Willingale Armstrong

14th Edition

Everything comes to he who waits

Dorothy Wood

A Willingale Divorce

James Willingale – embezzlement

Website Update

Was there a Willingale at Trafalgar?

15th Edition

AGM 2009

Thomas Willinghale

Marriage of Doris Ethel Webb

Lenonard Alfred Willingale

Thomas Samuel Willingale

Willingale Village

Grace Willingale nee Jenkins


DNA Project

16th Edition

LMA Parish Records

John Henry Willingale

Ken Willingale – Lord Derby Memorial

Lopping Endowment Fund – Willingale Memorial

Slyvia Willingale

Seeking Michael


Photo Mystery – Thomas Willingale?

Photo Mystery – Alfred Willingale?

Willingale DNA Project Update

BAFTA Tribute to Betty Willingale

17th Edition

The Maldon Poll of 1826

Thomas Willingale the Play

William Willingale Death

George W C Willingale

Willingdale Brothers

Society Update

Dummies Online

John Henry Willingale

Willingale DNA Project

Employee or Contractor

18th Edition

Corrupt Practices in Maldon

A Move to the Main Tree


A Mother’s Anguish

The Mysterious ’Royal Windsor’

The King’s Head

Some Willingale Statistics

19th Edition

Willingale Coat of Arms

DNA Project Update

Thomas the Lopper – Press articles on the death of Thomas Jnr and quotes from editions of The Woodford, Buckhurst-Hill & Loughton Advertiser

50th Wedding Anniversary

20th Edition

Antipodean Travellers in England

Letter from Leo G. Willingale

Bernard Jack Willingale

Hannah Chignell

Willingales in the Age of Dickens

The Poor’s Piece Potato Ground

DNA Project Update

21st Edition – Anniversary Special

Willingale History

Where Did We Originate?

Willingale DNA Surname Project

Willingale Honours/Commendations

Able Seaman William Willingale

Sylvia Willingale

A BAFTA Tribute to Betty Willingale

Origins of Willingale Family Society

Unveiling of Thomas Willingale Blue Plaque

Willingales imprisoned in the Tower of London Part 1

Willingales imprisoned in the Tower of London Part 2

Emily Goddard La Hogue Willingale

Thomas Samuel Willingale (1800—1869)

Photo Mysteries

The Mysterious “Royal Windsor”

Willingale’s Restaurant

Thomas Willingale Junior’s Prized Volume

Hannah Passelar & St Mary’s Church, Maldon

The Steam Ship Willingale

22nd Edition

British Newspaper Archives

Ken Willingale

Winnigle as a Variation of Willingale

The Last Red Deer of Epping Forest

HRH Price of Wales samples Willingale Wine

The Willingale Axes

Thomas Willingale e-book

23rd Edition

To be published December 2013