The members area uses specalist genealogy software, called TNG Genealogy, to display the family tree. This has many innovative features, such as:

* Very easy to use
* Lists each person in the tree, together with details of spouses, parents & children
* Trees fully searchable by first and last names, dates, spouses and locations
* Displays census details
* Photos & documents are linked to the relevant individuals in the trees
* Lists of all births, marriages & deaths etc at each location in the tree
* Google Map showing each location (where we have entered the latitude and longitude)
* Display the relationship between any two people in the tree
* Loads of reports, including cause of death & occupations
* View a mini ancestor or descendant Family Tree

The screen shot below give an example of the features of the members area, showing Thomas Willingale (the Lopper). The page shows his personal details, plus that of his family, a map of birth, marriage, death and census locations, plus details of all the media (photos, documents etc) related to him.

The sidebar, the red block to the left of Thomas’s details, is the main navigation element of the members area, allowing easy access to the information we have online. Each page has the Lastname / Firstname search box, plus links to an additional page where more advanced search criteria can be entered. The links below the search box take you to other features on the site, such as the world maps, calendar of events and the various documents stored on site.

We hope, over time, this website will become a repository of all things Willingale.