We have recently been contacted by Stephen Cook, a local historian and family history researcher who purchased an old album for the postcards it contained, to sell on eBay, but he had no interest in the old photographs which were also in the album. The postcards were mostly addressed to a Lizze Willingale, not wishing to dispose of this interesting collection of photos, he contacted the WFS and asked whether we would like them, otherwise they would be thrown away. All he wanted was the cost of postage and of course we had no hesitation in saying “yes please”.

We have now received the photos and have managed to identify a few of the people, however there are many more where we have no clue as to identity. Mr Cook also photocopied the message side of several of the postcards for us, which was extremely generous of him.

All the pictures can be found under the Most Wanted section, in the members area of the website.