In addition to the early Willingale’s listed int he last blog we have located some other references to early Willingales:

Records held at the Shakespeare Centre Library and Archive, mention a ‘Thomas son and heir of John Wyllinghale’, during the reign of Henry VIII, this indenture also refers to the places Berkeswelle, Canleye and Hurst. Berkswell is a village near Coventry, assuming this is the same place its quite a distance from our supposed origin of Willingale in Essex!

In 1333 we have a mention of John, son and heir of Richard de Wyllinghale, which I assume is the same person mentioned in the previous article at Hornchurch Priory. This record is held at the ERO.

The WFS still need to see these records first hand to see if they reveal any more information, both predate the earliest Willingale in our tree, which date from 1543.