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The Willingale Family Society was formed in 2002 to formalise our research into the history of the Willingale surname and to bring our extended family closer together. The majority of our research, including our full family tree, is available via this website, to all our members.

We have traced our earliest ancestors back to Great Dunmow & Bocking, Essex, UK in the 1500′s. We also run a DNA Surname Project, which has helped confirm our conventional Genealogical research in providing confirmation that at least 4 of the 5 Willingale family branches are indeed related.

We also have an interest in Lopping rights and Epping Forest, through Thomas Willingale, who was instrumental in saving the forest from development in the 1860s. We also share our surname with a small village in Essex, which is unique in having two churches in the same church yard.

The society is responsible for helping to preserve our history, and the Willingale archive, available via the members area of the website contains over 1,500 photos, documents,  press cuttings, correspondence and other interesting items detailing the history of the Willingale family. Members have access to our full family tree online.

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