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I was interested to see another article on Thomas Willingale which appeared in a number of East London newspapers recently. (see here, here and here). I think this may have been written in an attempt to raise publicity for Lopping Hall, which is currently being renovated and was in the running for funding from the […]

The Long View

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The current proposals to sell off parts of the Nations Forest’s is covered in Radio 4’s The Long View, where they compare events with Epping Forest in the 1860’s. Obviously Thomas Willingale gets a mention. The programme is 30 minutes long and you can listen to it via this link.

Following on from my post about EFDC using the wrong photo in their conservation document, I’ve also noticed another error. Mention is made that Thomas Willingale was imprisoned for theft. This is incorrect, Thomas was brought before the magistrates in 1865 for injuring forest trees, but the case was dismissed. Thomas subsequently brought a suit […]

We have already blogged about the Hills Amenity Society illustrating an article on Thomas Willingale the Lopper with a photo that has nothing to do with Thomas. Now it seems that Epping Forest District Council have made a similar mistake. In their York Hill Conservation Area Character Appraisal and Management Plan they mention Thomas Willingale […]

Some time ago we were contacted by a Peter Boylan, who has in his possession ten watercolour paintings by a Thomas Willingale of Huddersfield. (Not the same Thomas who saved Epping Forest). These paintings date from the 1880’s and 1890’s. One of Thomas paintings shows a woman walking down a country lane in front of […]

We are pleased that another Willingale has agreed to join the DNA Surname Project. Owen Willingale, who is a descendant of Thomas the Lopper, is from the ‘John’ branch of the main Willingale family tree. Hopefully we should have his results back in a couple of months. We are expecting the DNA results of another […]