As we haven’t blogged for a while I thought I’d do a quick update on the latest research.

Our main work over the last few months has been to review the censuses and fill in those census details missing from the family tree. This has helped us add a few more locations and occupations into the family tree. We have now recorded over 3,500 distinct locations of which over 3,300 have been geo-coded in the website database, these geo-coded locations are the ones which appear in the maps when viewing a person’s history in the online family tree.

We have also just restarted adding documents and photos into the Willingale archive on the website. We still have over 300 items to sort through. A lot of the remaining items relate to people we can’t positively identify in the tree or are duplicates of existing items, meaning we are taking a bit longer to double check items before they get uploaded.

We have also had a major find of interesting items relating to Thomas Willingale, the Lopper, and these will be written up in the next few journals.