DNA Results after 7 tests

DNA Results

Our latest DNA Tester is John who is from the problematic Charles branch. We have now tested 3 people from this branch and none have DNA which matches the DNA profile of Steven, Peter & Owen, who we have now confirmed are related via conventional genealogical methods.

John’s test does however match Williams. Our other tester from the Charles branch, Tom, has a completely different DNA profile again.

We seem to have 3 possible scenarios for the Charles branch:

1 Tom’s test is somehow spurious,

2 we have two non paternity events somewhere (or only one if Tom’s test is spurious), which we can now narrow down to two of 7 transmission events. What this would mean is that Tom, William and John although named Willingale, do not descend from the male Willingale line, i.e. we have another scenario similar to Keith.

3 The final scenario is that the Charles branch is distinct from the other Willingale line and our conventional genealogical research is wrong, i.e. that there are two separate distinct lines of Willingale’s, who are not related to each other, but sharing the same surname.

Members can see a full analysis of the DNA project here.