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Research Update

As we haven’t blogged for a while I thought I’d do a quick update on the latest research. Our main work over the last few months has been to review the censuses and fill in those census details missing from the family tree. This has helped us add a few more locations and occupations into […]

After a 4 month wait due to our DNA testing company ceasing trading, we now have Martin’s DNA results back. Martin’s DNA matches the ‘Willingale’ DNA profile and provides confirmation that the ‘Thomas’ branch of the family is related to the ‘John’, ‘William’ and ‘Samuel’ branches. The latest results can be seen here, WFS members […]

The latest edition of the Lopping Times, the society’s twice yearly journal has now been sent out to all members.

It’s been almost a year since the website was converted to use WordPress, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to add a few new pages: Willingale Billhook: The billhook should soon be on display in the new museum due to open next to the Queen Elizabeth Hunting Lodge in Chingford. The History of the […]

We occasionally get asked about the Willingale Coat of Arms/Family Crest.

Historically, armorial bearings were first used by feudal lords and knights in the mid-12th century on battlefields as a way to identify allied from enemy soldiers, later arms were adopted by other social classes such as the clergy and later still by peasants and commoners.

The Long View

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The current proposals to sell off parts of the Nations Forest’s is covered in Radio 4’s The Long View, where they compare events with Epping Forest in the 1860’s. Obviously Thomas Willingale gets a mention. The programme is 30 minutes long and you can listen to it via this link.

We are pleased to announce that another Willingale has agreed to join the DNA Surname Project. Martin is from the ‘Thomas’ branch of the Family and we should have his results back within the next couple of months.

We have recently completed a review of the ‘early Willingales’ in our main tree and have made several changes to our data. The main Willingale tree now starts with Richard Willingale and Thomasine who were living in Rawreth, Essex in the early 1600s. We had previously supposed Richard to be the son of Thomas Willingale […]

I thought I’d do a quick blog on our research over the past year. We made major progress on proving all Willingales are related with the moving of the Samuel & Charles branches over to the main family tree, although the DNA Surname project results for the Charles branch are still somewhat confusing. Back in […]

For some time Kim & I had been trying to prove that Alfred Willingale born 1812 and Mary Ann Willingale born 1818 were the siblings of James William Willingale (I0353) who was christened at St Mary’s Church Maldon on 28 May 1809, the son of James Willingale (I0342) and his wife Mary Ann.